Applique Quilt Pattern
Design Series

fast and easy appliqueClick below to see all the different applique quilt patterns in each design series for applique quilts, applique wall hangings, pillows, framed pictures and other home decorating projects. All Curiosity's applique quilt patterns include our Painless Applique Method and instructions for Weaving Fabric Baskets for fast and easy applique. The pieces are numbered in sequencial order along with color indication for truly painless applique! The patterns are printed full size, have a full color cover sheet for design and fabric reference, and are enclosed in a 6" x 9" zip lock bag with hang hole.

Rose and Ivy Wreath #501

Iris, Morning Glory Wall Hanging #514

Ribbons & Roses Heart Wreath #603

Everlasting Garden Series

Floral Wall

Ribbons & Roses

Birds with Birdhouse #901

Harvest Fruit Basket #704

Butterflies and Rose #801

Curiosity Cat Quilt #103




and Stuffed

Briar Rose Basket #805

China Blue Flower Basket #606

Colonial Still Life Blue Bird #706

 Briar Rose

 China Blue

 Colonial Still Life Series

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