Painless Applique Method for Quilters
easy applique pawprintCuriosity's Painless Applique Method is absolutely the BEST way to do applique! Quilters agree, it's fast... you'll save lots of time. It's clean... no pencil marks on your background fabric. It's cheap... you won't need to buy an expensive light box. It's hassle free... no templates to cut, no pre-basting, no pre-gluing. It's safe... you won't burn your fingers trying to iron under edges!! We've been sharing this method with quilters all over the country since 1990 and they are amazed at how less time-consuming applique can be. Shop owners... teach your applique quilt classes using these instructions. Everyone deserves to know how painless applique can be and just look at these beautiful quilt blocks to see the dramatic results!

If you're curious, click here for our FREE online instructions for Curiosity's painless applique method!

 fast technique for colonial still life #706

 fast and easy method for briar rose #805

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